#Anatomy of Success – what Godfather of punk can teach us – Iggy Pop

It’s so hard to pick up only three features. Iggy Pop – but, James Osterberg actually, is one of my favourite characters. However.. this attempt looks like this:


1. BE EXTREME – Self-mutilation on a stage, latex black pants, exposed torso, throwing peanut butter in the audience are only a tiny example of Iggy’s radical behavior. He definetely was expressive figure. He could beg donate under the billboard advertising his own latest album. He was able to prostitute. He was even said to commit a suicide on a stage. Being arrested for drugs, public denudation, or self-agressing behviour was for James Osterberg as normal as eating your oatmeal for breakfast for you. Love, sex and controversy – that’s how Iggy is. He’s desire to arouse extreme emotions is impressive. I could also put up a thesis that you have to BE A MADMAN to break through. It’s true that he was diagnosed with maniacal-depressive disorder. Sexual subtexts, expressive behavior, volcano of energy (despite the age)… Ok.. that’s enough prooves for me.  He is a real artist. A madman. A freak.  Weird intelligent kid, that destroys nothing exept him himself. Whatever he did, other artists were dazed by his personality and what he represented artistically. So…. Were he stupid or intelligent?


2. BE DEEPLY INTROSPECTIVE – use your brain, think, meditate, visit Buddhists,  however do you want to name it – but use your intelligence to control your behaviour, appeariance, ENERGY. He always tried to figure yourself out. He used his character as a tool to success. Paula Trynki, the doctor who took care of Iggy during his stay at the hospital, said:

“Sometimes he seemed to have full control over turning on his alter ego, playing different personalities to show the potential of his brain. But at other times, you felt like you were not in control of the situation, but it just shifts. It was not just a lack of discipline, it was not necessarily bipolar. “God knows what it was!”

I recommend to check by yourself these facts: how he was looking for a way to stand out/ Why he wanted to be as cool and tough as Jim Morrison / How and why he planned the incarnations in great detail, his career is well thought out / Is he a a nihilist? / Is creating many different characters/incarnations showing his brain wide or narrow capabilities? / Why did he read Idiot by Dostoyevsky and what seemed familiar for him. / What did he see the greatest happiness in alive ?/ Is he a dilettante?
There are too many aspects of his bio, so let me shorten this post to the greatest facts only. What quick answer? Ask for it in comment below.

3. USE HELP – believe in something. He believed in friends. After cutting himself (again, but this time purposely) the police offered him two options: either jail or mental hospital. Iggy chose the second way, and while he The truth is that Iggy has never earned impressive amount of money working by himself. It happens only when he cooperated with someone, when somebody took his song and made a hit with it, or somebody used his songs as a soundtrack to their productions. Frankly speaking, Iggy’s songs were evaluated as nothing special. Today the same songs belongs to canon, but in those Times times, were just average. David Bowie – his friend and actually – sponsor and publisher, get him out of that hospital were our star was suspected of being bipolar. Bowie was more pragmatical than Iggy. He wrote songs for him for example Sister Midnight from „The Idiot” and also conduct their concert tour – „Station to Station”. Could you believe that David Bowie even paid proper people to speak well about Iggy in proper public?! Iggy says about himself:

„The greatest happiness I’ve received it that I’m still alive. But that’s all because of care and effort of many people. (…) My friends were with me even when I and head-loose and was a complete idiot. When I couldn’t produce anything reasonable, formulate three words and don’t fall down at once, they were still by my side. David Bowie supported me, my parents supported me.”

I could add even point number 3,5 – DON’T BE AFRAID OF BEING RIDICULOUS – I notice this tendetion during my researches – controversy is always associated with disapproval, aggression and extreme emotions. Many of It is need to have enough courage COURAGE, to keep your style despite the social pressure.

Be smarter. Be faster. Be PRO.
Evotronik Team


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