#Anatomy of Success – David Bowie’s mind.

1. ACT INTELLIGENTLY – I wish I could write at least 10 features od David’s character. He presents various of and most of all – as for me – impressive emotional intelligence. He gave few thousands of intelligent interviews. He proved that he represents different category that Justin Biber. He spotted the continuous path from James Dean, Jack Kerouac, Elvis Presley and Tibetan Buddhists. The path of rebels. He carried on the Warhol strategy by encouraging to fairs and stage philosophy of groups excluded by establishment and society. He also built his career consciously.

2. BE RESTIVE – For artists, who were shaped by times of counterculture is typical that to be restive, tense. However, the most interesting in people are their extreme proprties, which oftem lead them to problems. Why? Because they cross the borders set by society what always has it good and bad consequences.  But David seems to like it. There is a possibility that it was his own way he dealt with trauma after rising up in cold family, without tenderness. He did everything to get out of the rules he lived in. But, for sure, be moved the sexual boarder changed the world for forever (he confessed to not to be heterosexual) . It was a turning point in pop culture.

3. BE A LITTLE BIT QUEER – I can again write that a little bit of madness do nothing wrong. It is another star that constantly creates new identity for him/herself. He built his image by mixing styles of other artists. He observed them, made notes, reftlected it and implemented into life. Sound like a good project plan. He enabled development of pop-culture but his own development too.  He used tools to evoke extreme feelings (for example by his sexuality, image, statements). He plays with it. Sometimes he induce anxiety and disgust, but –  he made us to remember him anyway. Point for him.

Source: “Leksykon Buntowników” – Max Cegielski – wyd. Agora – Warszawa 2013 – IBSN: 978-83-268-1290-3
Photo: medium.com/cuepoint

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