100 years evolution of dashboards – part 2 – Ford Model R – 1900’s

Today something what we cut our teeth on – dashboards. If you want to get a tiny insight of how design trends and technology have changed throughout this 100 years – follow our listing.
Here is presented the dashboard from Ford Model R. This car came in 1907 (it followed the Ford Model N from 1906) and was in production only from April through October of that year. There were only 2500 of them. The difference between these the two cars is little. Both used a 15 horsepower 2.4-liter straight-four. The Model R was basically just a trim package: the body was a little bigger, it had fuller fenders, running boards and an oil lamp. The price was $750, as opposed to $600 for the N. Originally, all were painted in red, but this one has been repainted in a pleasing combination of green and cream when it was restored.

Be smarter. Be faster (than Ford Model R). Be PRO.
Evotronik Team

source: secondchancegarage.com and classiccarweekly.wordpress.com

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