6 reasons why Monday coffee would be better worker than your employee


Everybody knows that beginnings are heavy. Especially when it comes about beginning of a new week. Here are some of our reflections, why we can’t imagine our team in these times without our hot, black friend java.

1. Good brew never let you down on early Monday morning  – it’s always in the same condition.
2. Is beneficial for your liver.
3. Makes you (and other people in your company) smarter.
4. Reduces stress.
5. Decreases risk of depression.
6. Coffee is always hot.

True story, BRO. Medical comment: 1. Works if you don’t change the way you treat it. 2. Scientists discover that coffee protect liver noeoplasms, inflammations and even cirrhosis. What is interesting – the more joe we are drinking, the lower is production of enzymes that cause inflammations and damage of that tissue. Drinking 4 cups of brew we can reduce the risk of cirrhosis to 80% . All because of antioxidants and polyphenols. 3. Increase intelectual skills by improving logical thinking, time of reaction and concentration level.  4. The scent of coffee has therapeutic effect. 5. Increases the serotonin and dopamine level. 6. The brewing temperature should be between 195 F (91 C) and 205 F (96 C). It’s still ******* hot.

Evotronik recommends: Be kind for your employees. Don’t leave them without caffeine on the beginning of the week.

Be smarter. Be faster. Be PRO.
Evotronik Team


source: portal.abczdrowie.pl

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