How does Jimi Hendrix can help your business? Ninja hacks from Evotronik.

Tuesday is good day for a new inspiration. Today we share with you a person which is an inspiration for us too.

Ninja hacks:

1. Be bold – When Jim Hendrix was young, he wasn’t a soul of a party. He was believed as a weird, living in one’s world, drawing strange creatures on a paper, unliked, away from a group.  His brother – Leon Hendrix told, that when Jimi was a child he many times he was repeating, that he sounds music in his ears what every time was followed by cleaning ears with a baby oil by his grandmother. Later many people claimed that his music desecrates a real blues playing a guitar with electric sounds effect. He never give up and he never match to the rest. Finally he was the one who SET THE NEW STYLE and rules. Why? Because he had his own game and he never lost fun.

2. Use support – Probably you know Jimi from times when became famous. We bet our life’s that you didn’t know that Jimi’s origins are rooted in pathological, poor, numerous family, where the father served in the army, drank and smacked his children. Music makers – when haven’t know what his name is – they called him – “this boy who dresses like he took this clothes from a girl”. It took much effort and time to create that image which we know. The investors was those, who familiarized “the barbarian”, who changed the long “Jimmy” to Jimi, who invented the name Jimi Hendrix Experience as a name of his firt album and so on. Use support wisely. One person is never so powerful as cooperating group. You all benefit from your work.

3. Have a deeper message still having fun – don’t let your life’s work be the work that only you have profit from. This musician prooved that his music is not only a commercial noise. Jimi was explaining: “Politics is a show of ego, art of words, which doesn’t mean anything. I prefer art, especially music, which have a deeper message. We play such loud, such electric, to get to people’s souls. We want our music to wake out at least tiny part in their minds, because in the world there are so many sleeping men.” and be the best in what you are doing, whatever it is – from electronic to rock n’ roll.
Be smarter. Be faster. Be PRO. Electronic rocks.
Evotronik Team.

“Leksykon Buntowników” – Max Cegielski – wyd. Agora – Warszawa 2013 – IBSN: 978-83-268-1290-3

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